Posted by: Adrian D. Cameron | November 15, 2010

impossible performance tasks 01-05

Photo by normalityrelief (CC-BY-SA)

the act of performing is a landscape strewn with beartraps of impossibility.  one must be completely oneself, and at the same time completely be someone else..  exist in a real and an imaginary place at once..  pronounce practiced phrases for the first time..  what is attempted is that which cannot be.  as actors and audiences, we have become inured to this custom so that only in rare moments does the paradox strike us.  generally speaking, these moments are the best of all.

with the vainglorious luster of the professional impossibilist, i am undertaking to devise a series of impossible performance tasks, suitable for artists to master or fail but most importantly, attempt.  we attempt the impossible each time we begin to perform.  the impossible need not daunt us.  rather, draw us.

IPT.01 – “Dryad”

  • in a dense urban area, select a building with the hardest inhabitants.  perform on the corner until it allows someone in the building to cry.

IPT.02 – “Charon”

  • perform your way either forward into the future or back into the past, i.e . out of the present.  Then, reverse.

IPT.03 – “Graeae”

  • say a phrase that has never been said before.  put it to a melody that has never been sung before.  pair it with a dance that has never been made before.  teach it to someone else.

IPT.04 – “Silenus”

  • bracket a portion of your day as an original performance.  determine the author’s intent.

ITP.05 – “Basilisk”

  • perform a duet with a non-existent partner.
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  1. these are fantastic – & terrifying. the paradox itself i sheepishly have to admit is one ive never really thought of, but i love it. naturally now i want to figure out some way to express it as a still…

    thanks for the motivation/inspiration! & of course the use of the photo, though i’m not entirely certain of its purpose :D

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